Axonometric Portrait #4 (2019)

Cyanotype Photogram Prints on 70x100cm 250gsm Fabriano Unica Paper.
Limited series of three original prints.

These prints are available to purchase via Made in Arts London.

Axonometric Portrait #4a
Axonometric Portrait# 4b
Axonometric Portrait #4c

Each photogram print has been individually exposed from the following acrylic cube and block arrangement.

Timelapse, 2 days overlaid

The arrangement takes the same starting point as the previous “Axonometric Portrait” arrangements – this one follows a similar strategy to Axonometric Portrait 2, with the grid of 2×2 cubes being expanded to 3×3. Smaller cubes and solid blocks (many of which have at least one side of 50mm length) are then placed in the spaces in between the none larger boxes. No elements are placed within the large boxes.

For information on the process behind making this work please see the blog post: Axonometric Portrait 4