Axonometric Portrait #3

Cyanotype Photogram Prints on 70x100cm 250gsm Fabriano Unica Paper.
Limited series of three original prints.

Axonometric Portrait #3a
Axonometric Portrait #3b
Axonometric Portrait #3c

Each photogram print has been individually exposed from the following acrylic cube and block arrangement.

Timelapse, 3 days overlaid

The process of this arrangement starts in the same way as the previous “axonometric portraits”, with a single 100mm cube placed bottom centre. Two extra cubes are then placed in line with this, without spacing, before another row is established, again using the 50mm cube for spacing. Extra cubes and solid blocks are added to the arrangement. Towards the end of the set-up process a final review of the overall composition leads to a repositioning of a block which was leading to the arrangement looking out of balance.

Axonometric Portrait 3 (Triptych 3)

This edited film uses the triptych format to present material generated as from the “Axonometric Portrait #3” acrylic cube and block arrangement. The various stages of footage, along with scans of the three cyanotype prints are presented in each of the three panels of the triptych, each with differences in version or digital manipulation, and at various speeds, to chart the progress of the making of this work, and in doing so to make a new work.

For information on the process behind making this work please see the blog post: Axonometric Portrait 3