Axonometric Portrait #1 (2019)

Cyanotype Photogram Prints on 56x76cm 300gsm Fabriano Artistico Paper.
Limited series of three original prints.

Axonometric Portrait #1a
Axonometric Portrait #1b

Each photogram print has been individually exposed from the following acrylic cube and block arrangement.


This arrangement starts with the placement of a single 100mm cube at 45º to the screen. A second cube is added, and then pulled away by approximately 50mm – a 50mm cube is then used to more precisely set this spacing and is left in place. Other solid and hollow acrylic blocks and cubes are paced on the “ground plane”, adhering to the notional 50mm grid established at the star of the arrangement.

For information on the process behind making this work please see the blog post: Axonometric Portrait 0, 1, & 2