The Cube, at Scale (Peckham)

m2/4m2 Gallery, Peckham, 2nd July – 31st August 2021.

After seeing my installation in the “Cube Gallery” at the ASC Croydon Art House break out space, The Cube’s architect Ken Taylor invited me to Peckham, to exhibit the piece in his 4m2 pavilion, The Cube’s sister space, and to also include work in the original m2 window gallery, the progenitor for the 4m2 gallery.

The Peckham and Croydon 4m2 structures differ in a number of ways, so impacting the new installation. Each instance of Taylor’s pavilion gallery structure is clad differently – the model replicas I constructed for the Croydon show were entirely based on that instance of the pavilion gallery, with the grey and white cladding panels forming a recognisable visual language. Transferred to Peckham, the models still resembled the different structure in which they were now placed, but were clearly not the same. This distanced the work being displayed from its architectural housing, Taylor’s full-sized artefact no longer being brought into the work in the way it had in Croydon.

Fortuitously, over the course of the exhibition of my work in the Peckham version the cladding changed as towards the end of the run the structure was being updated for the next’s artists’ work.

The internal vitrine back walls in the Croydon structure were hinged, and so a view straight though the structure had only been possible in one direction. In the Peckham structure the back panels needed to be entirely removed to install work in each window – as such, with these walls absent views though the structure in all directions was possible. This set up some interesting relationships between the content of each vitrine, and provided greater connection out to the wider context.

In the m2 Window Gallery I displayed some of my collection of studio furniture models, plaster casts of single-use plastic packaging, and acrylic blocks and cubes. The sun projected shadows of the objects on display onto the vitrine’s walls and floor.