Carriage (2017)

The film draws out the uncanny nature of the experience of passing another train on parallel tracks at night, where the windows into the space of that other carriage are pools of light in a black void, offering portals into another world. Image and sound are slowed to 10% of “real” time (a temporal scale of 10:1), preserving and amplifying the uncanny quality of the fleeting experience. The soundtrack to that “other” space, is produced from the space of the carriage from which the camera, filmmaker, and viewer are located – snippets of conversation, rattles of the train, and automated announcements become an abstract roar. Without any provided narrative structure the half-formed images of the inhabitants of that other carriage take on their own narrative interpretation, and then are lost, into the night.

This film has been screened at:
ULTRAcinema 2020, Tepic, Mexico, 16 November 2020 [online screening due to Covid-19]
Experimental Film Festival, Barcelona, Spain, July 2020, (Special Mention) [online screening due to Covid-19]
– Oregon State International Film Festival, Darkside Cinema, Oregon, USA; 12 January 2020
– RAGFF Venezia, Laboratorioccupato Morion, Venice, Italy; 5 December 2019
– Balkan Can Kino 2019 – 2nd BCK Film Symposium “Home is where you start from”; Gallery MEME, Athens; 4-6 October 2019
– Darkroom Festival; Deptford Cinema, London; 28 September 2019
Desenzano Film Festival; Theatre Alberti, Brescia, Italy; 14 September 2019
– Gstaadfilm Festival (UK tour); Warwick Road Bazaar, Carlisle; 12 September 2019
– Gstaadfilm Festival; Kinobar Prager Frühling, Leipzig; 16 August 2019
– Motion Pictures Film Festival; Clementine Cinema, Lagos, Nigeria; 29 August 2018
– Southampton Film Week; Southampton, UK; 11–19 November 2017
– San Diego Underground Film Festival; Tenth Avenue Arts Center, San Diego, California, USA; 27 August 2017
– Architectural Film Festival London (one of 12 films shortlisted to be screened at the festival); Oxo Bargehouse, London; 9 June 2017