Little Lethaby – Eleanor Suess casts

Dr Eleanor Suess – Solo Show: 12-22 January 2022 in the Little Lethaby Gallery

This work was made especially for exhibiting in the model Lethaby gallery. Eleanor has a growing collection of plastic and moulded cardboard packaging, whose architectural formal quality she has previously been exploring through time-lapse video and cyanotype printing. For the Little Lethaby exhibit she cast these objects – the clear plastic was cast in opaque plaster, and the opaque card was cast in clear resin.

In the 1:15 gallery model these small objects increase in perceived size 15 fold, to become large sculptures, and the perhaps familiar forms of the products the original packaging was meant to hold become translated into something other.

To display these new translated, but indexical artefacts, Eleanor again played with the opaque/transparent binary – she constructed black light box plinths to illuminate the resin, and used some of her large collection of clear acrylic blocks as plinths for the solid plaster objects.

The (model) gallery lobby contains a screen displaying various videos of light playing across card packaging.